Raja Deka

Sabrina Percario

Sabrina Percario



Raja can be seen on Emmy award-winning Homeland, Black-ish, Speechless, Schooled, Arrested Development, and others. Previously he worked for NASA and was recruited by the Central Intelligence Agency. A feature film inspired by his life events is in development along with additional TV/Film collaborations with messages that are already impacting the masses globally.

Born in New Orleans with roots from Assam, India, Raja's positive attitude, unparalleled dedication, natural charisma, and compassionate respect for others have brought him a great deal of success. Creating an environment of ingenuity and camaraderie, Raja brings people together to create impact and meaningful relationships.

Sabrina Percario

Sabrina Percario

Sabrina Percario



Sabrina is a multi-award winning actress and producer known for Julia (2016), Be(lie)f (2019), and Open Mic (2019). Sabrina received an award for Best Leading Actress at UIFF (United International Film Festival), Best Producer at LAIFFA (L.A Independent Film Festival Awards) and Best Fantasy Film at Burbank International Film Festival. She is now the producer and lead actress in the upcoming feature film Living the Dream (2021) and producer for the upcoming feature film Happy (2021).

Born in São Paulo, Brazil with an Italian citizenship, her purpose is to touch people's hearts, inspire them, and spread a good positive message through her characters and films she produces.

Serendipity at its best

Raja was a part of NASA’s Flight Operations and then was recruited by the CIA to travel the globe. Sabrina was a part of the BioMedicine industry and later Chinese Traditional Medicine. 

They learned years after meeting that both of their parents gave them their blessings to go after their dreams at different times in different parts of the world, and then suddenly passed away right after. They are each now living those specific dreams and joined forces to inspire humanity; Touch a life, one at a time, and together we will inspire the world. Hence, Touch A Life Productions was born. They are changing lives and currently have multiple films and TV series in development.